Saturday, October 20, 2007

meme !

Stolen from my friend Courtney

What is your name? Rachel
4 letter word: Ring!
Vehicle: Roller skates
TV Show: Robin Hood and Road to Avonlea
City: Rouen
Boy Name: Roderick or Rasputin
Girl Name:Rapunzel
Drink: Red Bull
Occupation: Reporter
Something you wear: Raincoat
Celebrity: Richard Harrington ( that yummy guy from Bleak House and MI:5 ) or RANKIN
Food: Ragu sauce
Something found in a bathroom: Red toothpaste ( sorry, it is late )
Reason for Being Late: Ran into Gabriel Byrne
Cartoon character: Ren ( not Stimpy)
Something you shout: REESE'S PIECES !
Animal: Rhino ( as in the giant space rhino Judoon on the Moon in Dr. Who)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A Judoon platoon on the moon!

I miss Doctor Who. But the Christmas special will air in a couple months! Titanic! Huzzah!