Thursday, August 23, 2007

RIP Challenge

HELP! Everyone is starting to get ready for Carl's RIP challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing last year.

But, I don't know what to read!

Please. I want something tingly that I can read by candlelight on a rainy fall night.

Send recommendations my way!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, so many possibilities!

I recently posted some links to my reviews of various books that would qualify, so take a look at that post - might give some ideas.

Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn would be a good one. Dracula is another good choice. Something by Edgar Allan Poe, maybe Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is an excellent R.I.P read. Lovecraft is another good R.I.P author.

Stephen King's Salem's Lot would be good. Bag of Bones would also be a decent choice, as would The Shining.

Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian is excellent if you are prepared to take on a chunkster. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell also has some deliciously dark moments - a perfect autumn read.

The lists that have been posted so far have all had excellent and interesting choices - you might find some inspiration there.

Court said...

Seeing as I always get my recs from you, I'm not the best person to suggest stuff.... ;) But.... if you liked The Bermudez Triangle, Maureen Johnson has a book called Devilish that I've seen on a list or two.... ummm..... I think you've read all my other favourite scaryish books.

Court said...

I was thinking about this again - have you read the Vampire Hunter D books?