Thursday, January 04, 2007


Ever see something and shout :" Hey! I know this guy!?"

This author was my first floor manager at my fantastic yellow bookstore job. He was awesome and smart and articulate and driven and no one deserves the success of publication more.

Pre-order this. From my memory, this author is obsessed with achingly beautiful prose and magical realism. Let us hope, then, that his life is a stip of velcro that has somehow accumulated the absolute sparkle of everything he loves and dedicates his time to..........

ECW writes:

Collecting linguistic oddities, scraps of images, bits of text, and hybridized references, Rick Crilly cuts-up and collages, disassembles and recreates an anatomical mystery where a blank page becomes a meditation on grief, and a crossed out word is a librarian’s scalpel. The Tablecloth Trick whips away the artifice between Fiction and fact (that''s Fiction with a capital F — because Plato loved capital letters, after all) to see what, if anything, is left standing.

Ha! Brilliance. I'm going to stock my indy bookstore with it.


ducKy Boyd said...

Rick came in the other day with Bodhi (his dog) and we chatted about stocking his book. We want him to come in to do signings, but he's all shy and stuff. Maybe he'll pull a Robert Sawyer and just come in and demand that his books are placed on endcaps and then he'll sign them and go away. Except...we don't want Rick to go away. :P

Anonymous said...

Hello Duckie!
I miss you so much! You went away before I got a chance to say goodbye to you!
Anyway, you should come down to Toronto for little Ricky's book launch in the spring. I will try to let you know when I get more info. Check ECW's website at for more info about his launch.
Oh, you might not know who this is...
It's Cookie!