Saturday, November 11, 2006

Splendid !

Arthur Slade visited my blog. That just made my whole day. Once and awhile authors drop by and I think " Gee, I think I'll sell tons more of your books ! "

Picked up Downhill Chance by Donna Morrissey today..... my Newfoundland writer du jour!

Half-way through Dairy Queen Days by Robert Inman..... I quite enjoy the southern flavour.

Remembrance Day here in Canada: solemn and rainy. I am always moved to tears at the cenotaph.... the pipers, the uniformity, most of all, the attendance. It seemed more than half of my small city was there; standing in the drizzle, appreciating. Glad to Kailana for her November Challenge: am onto Night Watch now. Followed by Sojourn by Alan Cumyn.

Will write more tomorrow ---- post Author-Visit Euphoria.

Off to read.

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