Thursday, March 21, 2013

the 10 Best White Collar episodes of ALL time ( all time= four seasons)

dedicated to Jessica Barnes 

1.) the one where Neal gives Peter the oxygen in the Comic Book Vault and Tim Dekay wears a cranberry-coloured sweater

2.) the one where Neal is drugged and sings Love is a Many Splendoured Thing and Peter is there and should arrest him; but instead just puts his hand on Neal's hair for a bit  and Neal tells Peter that he is the only one he trusts

3.) the one where Peter is kidnapped and Neal is like HECK NO, KELLER! that's MY PETER and they hug it out (Neal and Peter; not Keller and Peter. That would be weird)

4.) the one where Neal is on an island with Mozzie and Peter is moping in New York with nothing but Ellen, Elizabeth and his Ford for company and he calls Neal on a secret pager phone and loves hearing his voice and then SHOWS UP ON THE TROPICAL ISLAND and they hug it out 

5.) the one where Neal and Peter switch roles and Peter is Neal Caffrey and wears black and is all sly and cunning and a CON MAN

6.) the one where NEAL TEACHES KIDS CHARLES DICKENS and reads Poetry

c/o USA
7.) the one where Peter Makes Coffee for Neal who is all sulky and a mopey teenager and they go and do these panels for an FBI conference and Neal runs along the top of cars and gets shot and Peter is HEARTBROKEN (for a second ) but NEAL was wearing a bullet-proof vest (whew ) and then Peter brushes him off *brush brush brush*  and then we find out that TREAT WILLIAMS is Neal's Dad !!! WHAAA!

8.) the one where Neal escapes from jail and Peter harbours him and tells the bad FBI guys to just put up wanted ads and road blocks (bwahahah! foiled you! FOILED YOU!)

c/o USA

9.) the one where Peter and Neal are BOTH kidnapped by Vincent Adler and diffuse a bomb in a submarine. while looking for treasure. and a music box. with a code. and the Midas touch. you can't make this stuff up, people.

10.) the one where Neal and Peter go to a dating auction (there's actually a prom photo taken of the guys in their suits. honest to Pete)


Ruth said...

This list wins the day, hands down.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I love you more than Peter loves Neal.

Rachel said...

is that even humanly possible? also, this takes away any validity I hoped to establish as an intelligent blogger of important things of intellect.... :)

Gina said...


Rissi said...

Nine and ten...

Heck, yes! :)

Rachel said...

obviously every episode of white collar is special. except for the ones that are terrible: like El and Peter getting kidnapped at the same time. or El and Mozzie spying on neighbours. or some of the Music Box episodes that dragged FOREVER