Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Proposal Writing

I am currently writing a book proposal. And, as promised, I wanted to let you all know about what is going on in my writer-ly world as I do in my reading world.

I am finding this very difficult.  A great challenge that is really stretching my skill as a writer.

It is so different than writing a critique of a book or a plug or a review.  The intent of the synopsis of the proposal, is not just to give a description ( that is something else entirely),  but to introduce your story in great detail: capturing thematic essence,pivotal plot details while still making the reader aware of, and intrigued by, your characters and their relationships.

Like Goofy, I always stick my tongue out when deep on concentration 

I have to say that I am finding this one of the most difficult aspects thus far in my little writing journey and I think I know why:

- I am used to critiquing and reviewing novels: this is not a critique or a review, this is a kind of literary story-board honing in on the essential elements

-I am long-winded.   it is essential that I find a balance wherein I can hopefully demonstrate some flair for the written word while letting the characters and the story speak for themselves

-I second guess myself: we all know that when it comes to writing, I can have the self-assurance of a gnat. I think this is common for several writers. I need to learn to trust that the story elements I am parading and the plot points I promenade in my synopsis are, indeed, those which will provide eventual readers with the enticement they need to carry on.

I have a fabulous critique group online constituting of a few professionals and published authors which I recently was blessed enough to join.  While I have been discussing synopses with them (and relying on their expertise), as well as visiting other blogs which have talked to this very point, I wanted to hear from my Fair Substitute readers. Anyone out there remember their first book proposal?

What is the hardest part about it for you?


Jennifer Major said...

Riiiiiiiight. Umm, there is NO WAY I'm ever looking at that ugly baby again.

Jennifer Major said...

Oh, and the hardest part?
I'm long winded as well. It's the literary version of a reduction sauce, simmered and stirred til all the flavour is there, but not the extra stuff that weighs it don.

SK Jennifer said...

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SK Jennifer said...

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