Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin for 1.99

Okay, I love Lynn Austin.
< really not a newsflash>

We all know this.  Anyways, one of my ALL TIME favourite Lynn Austin books A Proper Pursuit is 1.99 right now ....

so, umm... BUY IT

not convinced? read my review here   If you only buy one Christian novel on the Chicago World's Fair (it seems there's a ton nowadays) make it this one.  Silas McClure is one of my favourite heroes of ALL time.

It is available for a myriad of different readers  at this special price 

Yesterday, Lynn Austin was featured in an interview with Novel Crossing about how characters bring her books to life. READ IT 

I am currently savouring All Things New and adoring every moment.  I like to ration out Austin's books because I know it will be a year before another one.... expect a review shortly.

happy Lynn Austin-ing! ( I mean reading)

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