Friday, April 10, 2015

Rachel and Melanie's Adventures in Torontonian Theatre

Chekhovian, jovial, hilarious and full of off-kilter rants, this play was unexpectedly hilarious. Fiona Reid and Steven Sutcliffe were to die for---especially the former when she launched into a mirror perfect impersonation of Maggie Smith.    I loved the warmth and the raw humour of the writing which extols the relationships shifts in sibling dynamics as each grew older.  Jennifer Dale played a one-note as the narcissistic archetypal actress Masha and was continually overshadowed by the generous and warm Vanya and Sonia.   But that was the only sour note in the play.
Melanie and I had a wonderful post-theatre conversation and I encourage you to find this Canadian production, wander around it in it mentally for a bit and let its giddy euphoria follow you out of the auditorium.

Opera Atelier is a perennial favourite experience of mine---especially because it is accompanied by Tafelmusik: one of my true Torontonian passions.   Orpheus and Eurydice, as explored in jubilant and buoyant colour and celebration of dance, song and love, by the talented repertory company is the perfect gateway opera. If you have not yet experienced opera or are reticent about it being dire and over-handed and sprawling ( and long), then this compact retelling of the famous myth is perfect. It looks and sounds extraordinary, it employs Hector Berlioz’s Victorian revision (and cross-dressing) and it never takes itself too seriously.  The ballet sequences are lush and gorgeous and crinolines sweep swiftly across the stage. Everything is mesmerizing. The music, too, is some of Gluck’s most familiar and will stay with you long after the final note. 

A night at the Elgin is an experience in and of itself ..... so make sure you go and see our OA friends in their perfect habitat.

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