Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here's an ACTUAL "Things About Me" post

I filled out a questionnaire on things about me the other day.... but the more I thought about it ... the more I realized that if I were to ACTUALLY fill out a things about me survey I would have to be more honest, the more it would look like this:

I don't like entertaining people

The first thing I notice about the opposite sex is their smile

I write. ALL THE TIME. that's all I do. I write and write and write.  I write when I am writing. I write when I am walking. I write when I am working.

I love wine and books and tea.  And I go to the gym regularly; but will always feel like I need to lose ten pounds.

I think about my weight all of the time.

I sometimes look at girls on the subway and think "she must have a boyfriend because she's thin"

Happiness is being able to eat ice cream without worrying about how to work it off

I always sneeze in threes

I hate night clubs

My first drink was when I was 21 years old

I never believed in Santa Claus

I wrote a secret note addressed to no one---rather like a time capsule---that I slid into a loose board at in the Bethel Pentecostal Sanctuary in Goderich, Ontario ( where my dad was pastoring at the time)

I will ( and can) walk for hours on end

I have S Club 7 on my ipod

I cannot cook.

I hate untidy spaces.

I don't eat red meat.

I sometimes don't pay my phone bill on time

I don't know how to talk on dates, so I giggle.

I once went to speed-dating and it was the worst night of my life (only SLIGHT hyperbole)

My confident exterior is a ruse for the fact that I am shaking inside.

I am a natural introvert, conditioned to act like an extrovert.

I was terrible in French at school

I still sometimes have to look up what the word "complacency" means

I am actually quite shy in person. Social media is a godsend.

I love going to the movies by myself

I am rarely lonely: except when I'm in crowds

I dread small talk

I wish I didn't impulse-buy clothes, shoes, and scarves

I keep a bar of chocolate at my desk when I am writing

People often tell me they think I'm a snob when they first meet me. Little do they realize it is because I am more nervous than they are.

I sometimes eat microwave popcorn for dinner

I have never wanted kids; but I have always wanted to be married.

I am a ridiculously hopeless romantic and imagine myself in love all of the time. ( Do colours seem different? Are sounds more acute?  Do things really blur into rose-coloured wonder? Does everything but the person to whom you are attached fade ?)

I hate the words "stake" and "steak"

I cried in Kindergarten when the copy of The Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss that my dad read to me aloud every night had to be returned to the library ( don't worry: it was then I learned I could sign it out again)

I want strawberries at my wedding because Emma Woodhouse mentioned them.  But, I dread the fact  that I might never marry and that the hours of imaginative planning for my wedding will go unrealized

I sometimes sleep with a book under my pillow in hopes that I'll dream about it

I can remember dreams I had as a child

I love my city.

I wear second-hand clothes prowled from thrift shops ( I hate things w labels and I never want anyone to recognize where I purchased a piece of clothing)

I often prefer my own company to being with others, though most people think me an extrovert

I walked out of The Notebook

I wanted Rose to end up with Mr. Andrews in Titanic.

I love visiting my parents in their small town and watching BBC miniseries in their rec room

I should make my lunch more often

I try to read five books a week ( mostly on the subway)

I keep waiting for life to happen

I often wake up with panic attacks in the middle of the night  and am thankful that iCarly is on television in re-runs. That show has seen me through some of the roughest nights of my life

I love classical music and treasure going to the symphony by myself.

My greatest fear is dying alone.

I am allergic to lilacs.

I cannot remember a time I didn't want to have a book published.

I measure things in hurdles I have to jump

I am a life-long day dreamer

I cannot drive  as I don't have my license

I love Christmas

I'm scared of spiders

I fill silences immediately, thinking they'll eventually become awkward

I'd rather anticipate failure than revel in hope

I read The Blue Castle more than once a month

I have a Rubbermaid container full of long-hand scribbles under my childhood bed in my parent's house and I rarely look at it when I visit


Unknown said...

I love the honesty of this and that I got to learn more about you! I feel you on a lot of these! So glad for social media too :)

Unknown said...

I am nobody but need some help too... well it's crazier than you think but a language expert you are and a fanatic I am,

Rel said...

Love, love, love your heart, Rachel.

Love it!

And believe it or not, I relate to many, many of these things, too :)


Unknown said...

I meant to also mentioned that some of your thoughts reminded me of a recent post of mine on another blog I write. Thought it might be a little encouraging :)

Lori Benton said...

I love this. I could have written about 85% of this list.

Isn't it funny to discover later what people's first impressions of us were, and how they changed? I've had the same experience with that as you have.

And the weight thing. Ugh.

And never feeling lonely except in crowds.

Well. Good to know you better. :)