Friday, June 27, 2014

'All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes' by Betsy St. Amant

First off, how cute is the title? and the cover?  Tres cute, right? I love Betsy. We both hang out in this amazing Gilmore Girls facebook group where we collectively watch episodes and talk about Luke Danes, the Gilmores and...well...basically lots of fun stuff. Thus, I was thrilled when she signed a two book contract for Zondervan and those of us already initiated with her fun, buoyant voice would have the opportunity to explore her writer's range a little more.

Lucas is in love with his longtime friend Kat, Kat is in love with her longtime friend Lucas; but it will take a reality Food Network cupcake competition to move their relationship beyond the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry filling of Bayou Bend and to the tantalizing and confectionary world of true love.

This is a sweet romp of chicklit suitable for a summer afternoon. I read it on vacation with a stash of jelly bellys by my side and may I recommend something sweet nearby?  You must have something sweet nearby. St. Amant excels at innovative descriptions of sumptuously decorated cupcakes.

The other aspect that really sets this novel apart is St. Amant's obvious research into the world of reality tv shows and cooking competitions.  The excitement and behind-the-scenes descriptions of Cupcake Combat were welcome here.   Kat even drags her friend/long-time crush along for the exhilarating ride.

A sweet, predictable romance with fondant twists told by a pen that competently works within the comfortable lines of contemporary romance.

Will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth: especially if your taste runs along the lines of a blue-eyed high school football coach.

This book releases in September so get it on your pre-order list now

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I received this advanced copy from Zondervan via Netgalley

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