Friday, October 05, 2012

I am Thankful for BOOKS: A Happy Thanksgiving post

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for books and how they pair so well with warm quilts and a glass of red wine or a mug of tea

I am thankful for new authors and pretty covers

I am thankful for friends who share my relentless and frenzied passion for books, sentences, characters: the written word

I am thankful for the excitement of release dates, the pre-order button at Amazon, the smell of a bookstore in the Autumn twilight

I am thankful for Public Libraries and their reminder that while not more than a Century and a half ago a large amount of the global population was illiterate and now, for free, we can share realms and worlds and stratospheres of ideas and imaginings and life-changing ideals

I am thankful for Toronto: one of the literary hotspots of the world

I am thankful for Facebook and the Social Media world in general: for allowing me to connect and dialogue with authors

I am thankful for publishers who give said authors a chance

I am thankful for travel: which allows me---near and far--- to traipse in the footsteps of my favourite characters

I am thankful for paper

I am thankful for the opportunity I had to visit Trinity College this summer and its to-die-for Library

I am thankful for Eliot’s in Toronto: a massive used bookstore stuffed full with the scent of old magic.

I am thankful for the day that Jess and I went to the Strand in NYC and lost ourselves amongst the shelves

I am thankful for that moment in London when I spotted an early edition of Jane Eyre

I am thankful for Great Expectations  and Les Miserables  and how they force me to rethink my sense of moral fibre every day, hour, minute

I am thankful for a brain that lets me distill and regurgitate quotes and ideas and universal truths from print to practice

I am thankful for The Blue Castle, Horatio Lyle, Christy, Martha Grimes and Lynn Austin and Patrick O’Brian --- all of my favs and the people who help me infuse my passion in way, shape, form

I am thankful for the visionary adapters who bring my favourite stories timelessly compelling to life.

I am thankful for books. Past, present, future.

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birdienl said...

I totally agree with you about Trinity College and it's library, it is so beautiful! (I also happened to have visited it this very summer) There was another lovely old library in Dublin which I visited: March's library. Did you also go there?

Let me also introduce myself: I'm Tryntsje Cuperus, fellow Femnista writer and I started reading your blog via Charity's website. Though I cannot officially follow you, as I don't have a Blogger, know I'm reading and enjoying your posts!