Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In which....well.... just 'White Collar', y'know?

oh NEAL! oh PETER!
Dear World,

Sometimes I spend my off-time reading clever books and watching clever films and filling my brain with all sorts of deep goodies which I then impart on you, fair public....

Other times, I just watch a heck of a lot of White Collar because USA Network has the best American television there is .... most of it doesn't air in my country; but, we do what we can (and purchase a lot of dvds)

So, season three came to an end and, as per their usual DELIGHTFULLY AWESOME CLIFFHANGER season finales, I was left going....asdjfkla;d fjkald jakl;dj kl;a jdskfl; jaklsd; jfl;ajdsk fajsdklf jaskdl; jkasd jifaioe ui ahui gfiuasd!!!!!!! ( or something like that.... with more question marks)

that's right. smooch it up. i love BOTH OF YOU!

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Shelley said...

You long for USA Network the way I long for BBC dramas, whether it's Austen or Foyle's War.

I guess the grass always looks greener on the other side of the Atlantic.