Saturday, August 29, 2009

shameless canadian author promotion: The Hunchback Assignments

Hey kids!

Remember when this intermittent blogger said that she was going to be sporadic, but would return for important things like, say, condensing the Aubrey/Maturin series, raving about Derek Landy and if Arthur Slade wrote something new?

Well whatydaknow? Arthur Slade wrote a book. Good on him.

You'll read a full-blown review next week, I am sure.

But, for now, as I am hovering in my apartment; half-dead from laryngitis; home from another long stint away; peppermint tea-in-hand- Gigi in the background ( you sing it, Maurice Chevalier, you SING IT!), I thought I would take a moment to provide you with a fun link:

Hunchback Assignments

Look reading public! You only have TWO Days until a new Arthur Slade novel! YAY! This only happens once a year ( used to be twice-ish when he wrote for Tundra but who is counting?)

oh! and Toronto has a fantastic Word on the Street this fall! With lots of great Canadian authors (including Kenneth Oppel who I recently forgave for Starclimber) check that out here!

And just in case Canadian authors have not tantalized your weekend enough, read about the class act that is Alice Munro here. She pulled out from the Giller this year ( because we all know she would have won it, no matter who else was in the running).

And finally, in a totally un-related vein, thank goodness the new Alatriste is finally going to be released this September. That's right, Arturo Perez Reverte, I am looking at you--- sure, you wrote it ages ago, but you have to get on those translators to get it into my greedy little hands uber quick!

Alright, off to wallow in late-Summer flu-ness.

Go support Canadian authors!


Unknown said...

I'm going to say, shamelessly, thanks!
Sometime later this week there will be a lot more content on the Hunchback website, including short radio dramatizations. Lots of fun to create!

Rachel said...

you have done a great job so far with promoting Hunchback. The website looks very appealing for kids!