Monday, November 05, 2007


In a bookshop today I saw a new Penguin mass market edition of A Tale of Two Cities. Now I am not usually fond of covers that flash a picture or photograph of the main character---anything that will ruin the picture I already have in my head. That being said, there was something about this particular photo that grabbed me. First off, it is a remarkably stylish cover and I am sucker for pretty editions ( as we all know ), but the picture ( presumably of Sydney) half cloaked, looking sceptically to the side, mouth slightly parted, a blurred reflection of some rainy alley behind, struck me. I stared at it for a good five minutes before purchasing it. NOTE: the last thing in the world my poor grad student budget allots is yet ANOTHER copy of a Dickens book I already own. But it SPOKE to me.

Really striking.

And now methinks I shall sink under the covers with the November rain and chill whirring outside of my window and not in my cozy apartment, and read my favourite parts.

I saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age yesterday. Yes, it is getting horrific reviews but it was not the worst movie ever. Not the best---but definitely beautifully shot. Clive Owen was nought but eye candy as Sir Walter Raleigh---painted as a harlequin pirate with a swarthy smile.

But I can laugh at some good historical fiction now and then. After all, I love Philippa Gregory.


ducKy Boyd said...

Books speak to me all the time too...they say: "Buy me! NOW!"

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it will come to the dollar theatre. Otherwise I'll have to wait till Netflix, because I didn't want to spend $8 on it if I was just going to be disappointed.

What a lousy Clive fan I am!