Tuesday, August 09, 2016

In Which I have Neglected This Blog

Between work and finishing White Feather Murders I have been a busy duckling. Which means, blog, I have deserted you.

And I feel badly for that. So, I am sorry, bloggosphere

So, here are some random updates and things I have done:

In theatre news, I saw  Matilda: I really thought the production values were great but it wasn't my favourite thing ever. That said, there were a ton of kids in the audience that went mad for it, so I would bank on that being a draw!

Star Trek: Beyond- Honestly, this cast could just line up and sit on chairs for an hour and I would watch it.  We did see it in this new 4D panoramic thing that was super immersive and kinda neat. I am interested to see how this technology evolves.  Bones won this round.


I was off from my real job last week and went up north to my little hometown to visit my parents. While I finished my manuscript and worked on another project, I did spare some time to catch up on some TV viewing:

Mercy Street reminded me a lot of Lynn Austin's Fire by Night. A strong-willed nurse in the Civil War gives us a glimpse at an upper-class Virginia hotel appropriate as a Confederate Hospital.  The cast is very strong and I was lured in by the historical excellence: the costumes, the references to the greater war at large, the characters

Endeavour Series 3:  I seriously think this is the best television series since Foyle's War (my favourite show of all time).  Shaun Evans is captivating and melancholy and the stories are so intricate.  This is akin to a poetic experience. The music, the cinematography of gold-tinged Oxford, the soft characterization. I love it.  I love Endeavour and Thursday! highly worth watching if you like psychological character pieces.

he is such a melancholy puppy

Grantchester Series 2  Sidney and Geordie fight and make up and then fight again.  The camaraderie and chemistry between the vicar and the policeman as well as the brilliant exposition of 1950s English rural life make this a must-watch

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 

I caught up on some of the movies!   I love this show. I don't care about the plots ( or lack thereof) or the fact that none of these things would ever happen in real life.  I LOVE the characters. I am a character-driven reader and writer so it makes sense that I am a character-driven viewer. I love Oliver. Oliver is the perfect man. Oliver is trying so hard and his first "date" with Shane was to die for.  And SSD plays dirty pool what with its lemon curd cake and playing a Closer Than Ever tune. I can't even deal, guys.

just get married already, idiots.

Also, in bookish news, Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder is on sale for all digital readers at 1.99




I also got some ARCs of Lesson in Love and Murder  which releases Sept 1

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