Monday, June 08, 2015

Signed Sealed Delivered: from Paris with Love

Oh guys,  if you want the television equivalent of gooey mac and cheese then that is what SSD is for.

When you want to believe that the world is a lovely place full of lovely people with lots of integrity who wear their hearts on their sleeves---- then that is also what SSD is for.

It is full of the most delightful quirky characters: all relics of a time past who are trying to fit into a changing world.  They are endearing and loveable for their obvious eccentricities.

The POstables have returned.   Shane and Oliver ( he is, as you know, my ideal man ) and Rita and Norman.

This time their dead letter office mystery involves divorce papers that never arrived for a marriage on the brink of a terrible mistake.    As is the usual, the dead letter mystery parallels a major life event for one of the POstables: this time Oliver and is horribly annoying wife Holly who left him at the Post Museum ( how could she. I will never forgive her. You suck, Holly. DID YOU SEE WHAT AN AMAZING GUY YOU HAD!!! stupid Holly).

Anyways, Holly is back and Shane is pining.   Rita is swept away as Miss Special Delivery and Norman thinks he has competition to his owl-loving gal.

It's all so sweet I wanna wrap it up and put a bow on it.

SSD believes in love. And in marriage. And in tradition.
c/o Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
 It is a throw back ---as Oliver O'Toole is--- to a time of words and chivalry. To a time when society wasn't tripping over itself to move faster.

It is just delectable. A delectable ode to the written word.  Here, we have a new motif constructed in Holly's new penchant for poetry.  Her poems and Oliver's reaction to them are one of the highlights of a well-crafted hour and a half.

Previously, Signed, Sealed, Delivered was a series with hour-long episodes featuring a small post office mystery. Hallmark, since, has opted to explore a different format with several little self-contained films a year.

This works for me.  Anything works for me! ....As long as I get to hang out with my lovely POstables.

Marry me, Oliver. Marry me now!

For those of you who enjoy Shane and Oliver, you will get some darling moments. For those of you who also enjoy Rita and Norman, your heart will end up in your throat. OH MY GOODNESS!

With thanks to our friends at Grace Hill Media for allowing this Canadian to watch a media screener of the new film.

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Rissi said...

Didn't get this one watched, but I'm sure it WAS INDEED sweet as can be. Love this series. :)