Friday, October 18, 2013

guys.... white collar is back

Did you all watch White Collar last night?

of course you did because WHY WOULDN'T YOU!

anyways, it's all the ANGST and the PETER'S HEART IS BREAKING BECAUSE HE IS DOING THE TOUGH LOVE THING and Neal is all " but I thought you were proud of me" and the whole thing is DISTRESSING and  I just... I just... and Neal's dad is gone and his emotional inference is branded on the rest of the series forevermore and PETER CAN YOU STOP THINKING THAT NEAL is detaching his anklet for any other reason than HE WANTS TO SAVE YOU FROM PRISON

Also, if all of this whole "sign unofficial deal with Hagan and go to Hades for it and the darkside with Peter being framed" blows up, then I blame Elizabeth.  Because she is all pouty kryptonite for Neal who will do WHATEVER IT TAKES WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!

ELIZABETH, you don't tell NEAL to do whatever it TAKES when it comes to Peter.  HE WILL NOT COLOUR INSIDE THE LINES

too many feelings.

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