Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rachel and Leah Go to Turtle Jacks: VOL I Richmond Hill Jefferson Square location

Turtle Jacks: 11740 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

Turtle Jacks: A retrospective
Last summer, my sister and I (looking for food and good food ) stopped at a Turtle Jacks restaurant on the way to a cottage.  

Neither of us had ever been; but we were SUPER impressed. With the service, first and foremost, but also with the options available for my sister Leah who is gluten free ( not by choice; but due to allergy)
leah and the best restaurant gluten-free menu she had ever seen
A couple weeks ago while on our way to London, Ont and looking for a place for lunch, a friend recommended a nearby Guelph Turtle Jacks location and, once again, we loved the ambience and the food ( best fish tacos ) as well as the gluten free options available for Leah.  While our waitress on that particular occasion left a lot to be desired, we were still very much anxious for our next Turtle Jacks experience.

That’s when we had an idea:  to visit every Turtle Jacks location (it’s easy since we live in Toronto and have family and friends scattered over Southwestern Ontario) working up to the mecca of Turtle Jacks: the Parry Sound location ( which we would like to do on a beautiful Muskoka day on the patio).

Turtle Jacks and Us: THE FUTURE

So, Leah and I have started a little adventure---a Turtle Jacks visiting adventure---which we are excited to share with you.

On the way up home to our parents’ house for Easter we stopped at a Turtle Jacks near Vaughan and immediately loved the warmth and atmosphere inside.

The fire was roaring, the hockey game was on (it was loud enough to follow; but not overbearing) and our hostess and waitress were friendly and honest. They immediately informed us that the kitchen was somewhat unexpectedly backed up and our food might take awhile; but we were happy to sit and chat and have a drink.

Our waitress was also very kind when we requested to move from our table (catching the draft of the door ) to a nearby booth.   The drink service was prompt.
me and the regular menu :)
Leah found a lot to like in the  Gluten Free Menu (her restaurant experiences vary widely due to her allergy) and mentioned that the options, selection and even the array of sides were the best she had seen. Ever.  Turtle Jacks, it would seem, has the best Gluten Free menu ever!

I ordered a Rickard's White (yum! So glad they have it on tap ) and the chicken tacos and the service was prompt and friendly and the food was DELICIOUS!
We both finished everything on our plates.

A manager came out to talk to us during one point in the meal and he was so friendly and polite. Leah told him that the bacon cheeseburger she was enjoying was the best Gluten Free burger she had ever had and he went out of his way to tell her where she could find the buns that he uses for his gluten free customers.

Leah and I have a friend visiting from U.A.E next week and we look forward to taking him to Turtle Jacks and letting him in on  our secret: that Turtle Jacks is the best restaurant chain in Ontario !

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Anonymous said...

Where do they get the buns???? I was at Turtle Jacks in Burlington today and the waitress told me she had no idea where to get the buns. I'm a recently diagnosed celiac and had their bacon cheddar burger today and fell in love!