Tuesday, November 17, 2009

death to KINDLE

Dear Bloggosphere,

on the occasion of the Kindle being available in Canada:

Books were invented to be read. READ THEM! Open them, smell them, hold them. Run your fingers along their spines. Give them as gifts, covet and cuddle and coddle them. ….

Books: the platform of imagination, theory, critique, thoughts-taking-form ………. All scintillatingly fit into one harmless little square of paper and ink; of smell and light.

BOOKS Are TANGIBLE! Make your reading experience tangible. Hold your book! Run your fingers on perforated pages; feel the glassy, glossy imprint of a sheen sheet between your fingers.

Or, alternatively, buy a piece of technology and download your words onto an unfeeling ipod. Who wants to curl up with a fireplace, a candle, a blanket and ….an ipod?

This holiday season buy your books from bookstores! Read books! … not files….

Save pdfs and the like for work and blogging and, you know, internet things…..

Books are for reading. Read them. Buy them.

You can’t fit an electric file into a stocking. …. ( perchance you can but not much fun, is it)

This Christmas BOYCOTT the Canadian Kindle, walk into your favourite bookstore and buy a real book.


Katie said...

oh. There will be real books bought this Christmas.

Down with Kindle!

Verity Faith said...

Dude stop sippin' the haterade!

I'd never curl up with a novel on a Kindle but it does offer a cheaper, compact and environmentally friendly option as a place to store books on computers & technology, almanac's, zagat's restaurant guide, travel books... all that non-fiction reference stuff that goes obsolete 3 months after you buy it. It would be great if magazines and newspapers could eventually move over to the e-reader format.

It's good technology I think it has it's place alongside good old pulp and ink. I never buy 1st Gen technology but I'm sure I'll be picking one up in three or four versions down the line.

Kailana said...

There will be real books bought here! I didn't even know the Kindle was out in Canada...