Friday, September 28, 2007


Just a note to say that I liked the movie version of The Jane Austen Book Club better than the book. This is a rare exception ( except in the case of some ultimate trash like The Da Vinci Code where the movie cannot help but be better than the book because the book is the worst thing in the history of time ) but it just fit better on screen. They altered the character's ages a bit ( which worked ) and the characters on screen seemed better to portray Fowler's ultimate thesis: that each woman was somehow a singular portion of a conjoined Austen universe.

And, I love the What Would Jane Do? thing. And Hugh Dancy. But no scifi convention-attending nerd in my stratasphere ever looked like that.

Anyways, not rocket science here, but definitely enjoyable.

Finished an ARC of a book called The Luxe by Anna Godbersen which will be released in Dec. I will write more about it then... sort of a Gossip Girl for the Edwardian period.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't impressed with The Jane Austen Book Club, but if the movie's better, I might check it out. Because, Mark Blucas! He was adorable on Buffy. Before his character went insane and ran off to join some top secret military...thing. Oh, Riley. Dating the Slayer is never a good idea. You were doomed from the start.

Eva said...

I've been wondering whether to go see this movie. Now it sounds like I should!