Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is that a time of day?

I enjoy buzzing around to different booksellers on the web. This one, Book Crossing from Maryland in the States is no exception. The site tells me it is located in historic Brunswick and has some pictures of cute bookclubs and events. A quaint, happy, cozy little shop not unlike the store I work at or The Shop Around the Corner Meg Ryan's character perpetuates in You've Got Mail.

Adorable. And then I scrolled down and my eyes caught the Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday — 5am to 7pm
Saturday — 10am to 6pm
Sunday — 1pm to 5pm Nov/Dec.
Also open during events on the square

Monday through Friday 5 AM?!?!?!? Are these people insane?! Who is up in time to bookshop at five o'clock in the morning? They had BETTER have a Starbucks, poor souls. I know that Independents have to keep up with the Joneses but is this necessary? !! Even if desperate times call for......

oh well. You get the point. I am a bigger booklover than most but my obsession will never take me into 5 AM territory.

Egads !


Carl V. Anderson said...

I don't know...I think it would be kind of cool to get up that early and go book shopping. Not every day, of course.

Kailana said...

It's probably for people that work long hours and have kids. I know that I like to have a moment to myself, so what better way than to leave your kids sleeping, a parent home, and go to the quiet bookstore. For some people this might be the only time they have by themself for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

The only people who I could think of possibly shopping that early are maybe 3rd shift workers on their way home.